01 December 2007

"About Us"

  • Married 7 Months (December 5)
  • Gilbert
  • Nursery Leaders for the 2-3 year old Kids
  • School
  • Tutor
  • Nanny Placement Coordinator
  • Fun Times
  • Defend Your Castle

Matt and I are enjoying life in Gilbert with family so close and we love living by all the new developments out here. I am finishing up the semester at Chandler Gilbert and in the Spring I will be at ASU taking Exercise and Wellness classes! I also work for a company called College Nannies & Tutors as a tutor for reading and as the Nanny Placement Coordinator, where I place nannies with families. Its lots of fun and I really love it! Matt is currently looking for work and enjoying being the Homemaker, he cooks and cleans all while he defends his castle! We love our ward although we don't know too many of them since we are in the Nursery, we do LOVE that though. Matt is so good with all the kids, last week Brett (the cutest kid) ran into class and jumped on Matt. They love to wrestle with him and he basically lets them do whatever they want. We are really going to miss the kids when they move on to sunbeams but we are excited for the group of kids to play with.

I think that just about sums us up, basically we play, play, play while I do homework and work!


Eevi said...

we have to come and visit Matt's "castle"(and obviously yours as well) one of these weekends:)

Pobst Family said...

Yeah, that would be awesome. The thing about the castle is it is a internet game Matt is addicted to and that is what he wanted me to put down for what is going on in his life right now.
But of course, we would love for you guys to come and stay!

Lizzie said...

Christi, you are going to love exercise and wellness. It is the best major ever. Although, I am so glad to be done with it :) LEt me know who your teachers are and what classes you are taking. I have all of my papers and study guides so you can use them, they will save you lots of time. I also have all the books, so you can borrow what I have.

Anonymous said...

Matt better get good at defending his online castle. I may attack his real castle... he he he