12 December 2007

Foggy Day

Here is our home with a little fog / dew / rain on the shrubbery.

Here is our little misty street

A branch that was lightly kissed with dew!!!

The sun finally comes out and shines on the flowers.

Tough day for the spider who seems to only have water and no bugs!!!


Kerilee Law said...

Did you really take those pictures of the flower? Awesome! I don't know enough about my camera to figure out how to take great pics like that.

Pobst Family said...

Matt took them, he is really good at photography, we just got a new camera so that helps. He can teach you anything you need to know, or go on line, there are all kinds of tutorials!

Anonymous said...

Fancy pictures! You guys are way behind on blogging every day, though. Why not blog the fact that Christi is done with school for the semester? Woot Woot!

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed with the spider web picture. And Matt, now that I've had my "make over", I'm ready for my close up;)

The Hatch Family said...

those are great pictures! What that fog not the craziest thing?

Brittany said...

Christi! It's Brittany! What amazing pictures!! Seriously.. go girl!