20 December 2007

Sunglass Hut

So today I went shopping for Matt. I love him but at this time I can't afford to but him sunglasses. His birthday is on Sunday December 23 and obviously Christmas. I really wanted to get him sunglasses cause he needs them and always looses them. I stopped in Sunglass Hut to see what they had to offer. I told the lady that he looses them all the time, she said "ok" to me acknowledging she needed to find some cheap ones. The first pair we looked at she said they have a warranty and were cheap so if he lost them it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I don't remember the brand but you wouldn't believe how much she said was cheap..... $109.45. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? I couldn't, I didn't say anything cause obviously she had a little bit more money then me, not sure how, she works for the Sunglass Hut! Every pair after that first one was at least $100 most of them $200! I had no idea this store was so expensive!

I got Matt a lot of cute things, can't tell ya yet cause he reads this! Sorry Babe! :) I need to get a few more things for his stocking but that is about it! Anybody have any CrAzY Christmas stories?

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