05 August 2008

Beach Day 5

Today was our longest beach day. We wanted to make the most of it so we ended up out there from 9 until 6:30 or 7. It was a perfect day, big waves and lots of sun!

Matt, my Chad and Joel (a family friend who goes to the beach with us every year) decided to build a castle. Then it turned into a Mayan Ruin. There were so many walker bys that stopped to take a picture of it I could hardly believe it! One guy even took about 6 pictures with his camera and a family all posed by it and asked us to take their picture! WILD I know, all over a sand castle.

Stacy asked Matt to take a family picture of them at the beach, of course Grace is the hardest person to take a picture of and this is what she ended up doing. Her best pose of the day.

The very last thing we did was wait for the water to take over the castle, while waiting we did a quick photo shoot.
The last thing of the day was eating dinner. Normally on Friday night we got out to eat but we decided to order pizza in. Down Mission Blvd is a pizza shop Luigis. They sell a pizza measured at 36 in. It was Enormous! The pizza was pretty gross but it was hilarious trying ot get the box in the car and through our condo door!

The week went great, we counted up to have close to 50 people there with us all in 4 condos! My Dad decided that this year was the 18 year staying at this beach and I feel they have no desire to change beaches!


Anonymous said...

Ok I am totally going to steal some of these pictures. And I thought Matt was going to crop two of the jumping pictures together, the one where I had a really good, high jump, and the one where you had a really good high jump. Instead, I'm just left on the ground. What's up with that? And the family picture is so funny. I hadn't seen it before. Typical Grace!!

matt said...

some people have a life outside of getting blogspot.