05 August 2008

New Hair

I forgot to mention that while back at my cousins wedding my AWESOME Mother in Law chopped my hair off. I secretly had a heart attack when she did it but I love it now! It curls better and when I'm away from the beach it stays fairly straight. The picture is from when I was Arizona, hence the reason it is SO STRAIGHT!

The reason we went to Arizona was to see my cousin Robin get married. It was so special because she truly married her soul mate! The sealing was amazing, her grandfather was the sealer and it was so special!
The last day in Arizona we did a little photo shoot with Emily. We got some great shots! Alison this was my absolute favorite one of you two. I love the looks on your faces!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of Emily!

Kerilee Law said...

Way Way Way cute hair!

The Pritchard Party said...

Hey, it's Kherrington! I like your hair by the way! :o)

thesvancaras said...

your hair is super cute! I love that look on you. Oh how is the gash on your belly doing?