05 August 2008

I would like to chop my leg off!

I just attempted to walked down the stairs and barely made it! You see I work out with the wonderful ladies from my complex 3 times a week and I really enjoy it! Yesterday we did the hardest workout of my life with the exception of my cross country days. It was hard for strentgh training, but not for cardio!

The order of the day:
25 assisted pull ups
50 box jumps
50 sit-ups
50 birpies (up & downs)
50 sit-ups
50 double unders with a jump rope -- I had the hardest time doing this but I pretty much jumped rope for 5 mins.
25 assisted pull ups

Diana correct me if I missed something here.

Honestly thought, even after taking my 2 weeks of running in high school I was never this sore. So ladies, if you want a honest to goodness hard work out do this! Also, keep in mind we took breaks whenever we needed, the goal was to just finish.



Anonymous said...

Hey Lady, this is Chad. Where do you get your workouts from? Ask Diana where she got the workout from. It looks very similar to a another workout regimen I've seen before, just curious

Anonymous said...

By the way, if you like your friends workouts, you need to check out www.crossfit.com. Read all about it and check out the work outs of the day (WOD).

diana said...

You were awesome. I think your pull-ups deserved a Gold Medal!

Yep, the workout was from CrossFit. One of the "Filthy Fifty". But don't forget to mention that burpees aren't just up and downs; you also throw a push-up and a jump in there!

You rock! And you'll be winning that bet with your father-in-law in no time!

{the hatch family} said...

Want tough...P90X!

Keep up the great work!