30 October 2008


A while back ... like in July or something we went for a bike ride with our friends Nick & Cat Lyon. We were enjoying our time out there when these "thugs" threw a bottle on to the PCH from a parking lot. This Russian couple walked by right when it happened and the guy threw it back. The "thugs" became angry and 3 of the 4 came up 1 from the front and 2 from behind. They started fighting, I mean a real fight. There was kicking and punching. The Russian got knocked down and was bleeding.

Right as they start throwing the first punch I call the police. I'm on the phone giving a play by play an she send the police. The "thugs" leave but the driver of the car puts something over his license plate to over it. Matt and the wife ran down to check it out. They were driving away and turned down the next street when I saw the police go after them. THEY GOT CAUGHT! More police came and took our statements then we got to ride in the cop car to go and ID the "thugs" they weren't as scary looking the second time around. The officer told us they had sent out the helicopter for them but the police in the cars cuaght them without there help.

About 2 months ago Matt and I as well as Nick and Cat got subpoenad to go to court. Since the first time the court date has been pushed back 2 or 3 times. Finally we have a set date for next week but we are put on call, which means we probably won't get to go down there.

P.S. The picture is not what they actually looked like. We did get pictures of what happened because Nick was snapping photos of our ride.

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