30 October 2008

Prop 8 Rally

Last weekend Matt and I headed to Arizona for a friend of mine wedding. So we were not able to be here for this rally but I thought it was totally cool and blog worthy.

All the wards from Long Beach down to San Clemente stood out on the PCH with signs supporting Prop 8. The video shows how many people were there supporting. Matt and I have had the opportunity to stand on street corners with signs. I was disappointed in the people who hung their heads out there window yelling horrible words being very intolerant but I was surprised at how many people gave honks and thumbs up. The reason we are out there is not to change peoples mind who already know what they want and what they think is fair, but its to help those who are on the fence. Proposition 8 is all about protecting marriage.

*If you skip ahead in the video it is a little more exciting.


Randi said...

That is awesome. I love how all the people that want to vote no on Prop 8 in CA, and Prop 102 in AZ are just illegally vandalizing or stealing the hard work of our freedom of speech. People donate money so we can make those signs and support what we know is right. Many of the Yes on 102 signs have spray paint on them because immature people can't get it together and make their own signs saying, "no". It's just sad. I really hope Prop 8 and 102 pass!!!! That would be fantastic.

Jenni K said...

that is SO SO awesome! It gave me chills watching it!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that mom and dad's 102 sign got vandalized? I totally agree with you that others shouldn't say nasty things to you about your political opinion. That's what our country is about- everyone being able to have an opinion and voice it.

The Pritchard Party said...

Good job guys! I'm happy you are doing your best to spread the word. Let's just hope those involved make an educated decision... whether it be for or against. :)