15 October 2008

I forgot to update you.

Remember when Matt and I started the month of living on food storage? That was back in September. Check here. Well September is obviously over, and October is here! That means we are back to our normal eating habbits. Not that eating off food storage wasn't normal, it was just hard. The only thing we missed was eating frozen yogurt at Yo Yum Yum and fruits and vegetables!

What the whole month showed us was we have enough food to last us for at least a month and I am pretty sure I worked it out to three. Now the only problem is it took me a few months to get enough food for us and now its pretty much gone...atleast the one month.

So moral of the story, when we need to use our food storage what we will miss is our fruits and vegetables.


Brittany said...

Well, you won't miss the produce if you plant a garden. Even an indoor one is possible!

What a great idea.. way to go Christi!

Hannah said...

I found your blog when I was googling food storage and yours came up.

That's so awesome that you lived off your food storage for a whole month!! What kinds of meals did you eat? Did you end up using more or less food than you thought you would? I would love to hear more about your experience. I have a food storage blog and this would be a great topic to share.

Please email me at safelygatheredin (at) gmail.com, if you want to. I'd really love to hear more about your experience!!

Thanks for sharing!
Hannah @

Paula said...

Hi Christi and Matt! Wow, I am so impressed with what you have done. How did you plan it all out? Do you have a list of things to buy/when etc? James and I have been working on our food storage too, but it seems to struggle sometimes.

I hope you guys are well and hope to see you soon! We'll be in AZ for Christmas, maybe we'll get to see you then?