13 October 2008

just a few things

We have had a BUSY past few weeks! Actually our whole month of October is booked! This last weekend we were so LUCKY to have my sister, her husband and Grace over. We went to Disneyland, and walked around by the beach. It was freezing so a nice treat for the Thompson Family but it was so windy and so cold it was hard to be outside. 

Disneyland was set up so cute for Halloween, this guy was actually set up for the trick or treat event after California Adventure Closes.

We have done a few photo sessions recently too. Matt and I have really been getting into photography and we have learned so much. This is our neighbor Cheryl, she is due in less then 2 weeks. Most people think she just shoved a basketball in there for fun! Doesn't she look great!

Ryann is another neighbor of ours.  She was not camera shy at all, check out those blue eyes!
Here is Marley, we had an awesome Sunday with the West Family and at the end we were able to get some great shots of this pretty little girl!
Last weekend we went up to Mammoth Mountain to shoot a wedding for Matt's sisters sister-in-law. It turned out great. It was freezing up there and a snow threat but the day went smoothly and we got some great shots. 

While up there we were so lucky to get to stay at the resort the wedding was at. This was the view from our room.
We have seriously been so busy. Since the end of September my parents have come, then a friend of Matt's, then Matt's parents (for a night) then my sister. Now we have Andre coming, my friend Larissa (woot woot) and then we are going to Arizona for a wedding and my brothers endowments! On top of all this Matt has been SOOO busy at work and I swear I can't stop studying for this class. 

P.S. This picture from the previous post is one Matt took. Someone told us about this lake up where we were and how beautiful it was. The picture is obviously not the lake but it was a stream running off it. Who knew in the land of surfing bums there are beautiful mountains in California too!


Brittany said...

YOur pictures are wonderful! Great job guys! That pregnant girl is gorgeous. I have never seen a girl look that great! WOW!

I hope you all are making some money! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cheryl is a babe. I'm so jealous that Larissa is coming and I'm going to miss it! Maybe I'll sneak over there again...

Anonymous said...

Question: Why isn't the picture I took of you two in front of the castle on this post?!

Ginny said...

You guys have stayed soo stinkin busy! Your pics look totally great!! What kind of camera do you use? Ive been looking at a few but Im just not sure. I've hear that the Canon 40d is a great starter camera. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

kris and cathy said...

YEA! You guys are getting good quick. FUN! Those pics are awesome. Nice job guys.

Now you can take some of Kris's jobs so I don't have to go!! I'm getting kinda large for this business these days :)

eli&joelynn said...

OK you two.. I am blog stalking you! ahaha.. I have seen your AMAZING photos on all of our neighbor's (well our former neighbors.. your current) blogs and I am so impressed!! You are so gifted! We want to recruit you! I am being totally serious!! Our Christmas card pictures are calling your names!! ahhaha..

Cassie said...

I want my bouquet to look just like that one! (My color is gold) You're so busy lately, ahhh!! I enjoyed the videos on prop 8, of course AZ is trying to pass a similar proposition. It was neat to see the other side of things. The cartoon video was especially great. Too funny that you guys lived off food storage for a month. What motivated that decision? Bravo for doing it for a month straight, that would be tough!