23 July 2009

38 weeks Dwn 2 to Go!

We are down to the last 2 weeks...if he comes on time that is!

I would like to mention a few things about my pregnancy, ya know, so I can remember for next time!

The first trimester through the middle of the second I had to constantly eat. If I didn't eat I would feel nauseous so then I would eat. Weird feeling!
I had a month or so where I would get headaches that wouldn't go away.
The rest of my pregnancy has been very easy. I gained just the right amount of weight. I still fit into some of my regular jeans and shorts. I don't wake up to go to the bathroom but I do wake up when I'm trying to roll over, but for the most part I fall back asleep very easily.
I feel VERY lucky that I have felt so good. Now I only have 2 weeks left!

Matt took these pictures of me, isn't he so good?

My sister-in-law Allison gave me the idea to do blue polka dots for my soon to be baby boy!

This one shows how low he is. When I went to the doctor last week she said she could feel his head and he was really low for how non-dilated I am. I'm to about a finger tip I guess.

You can't tell from these pictures but my belly button is all the way out! I am not exaggerating on this either!

This picture is from 2 weeks earlier. It's the only one htat turned out decent. Something funky was happening with our camera lens.


Tatum said...

I LOVE your materiny shirts and the pictures turned out great!

Where did you get the shirts I must know! I am desperatly needing some clothes as I grow out of mine.

Come leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!


Megan said...

Christi!!! You look amazing!! Pregnancy definitely suits you! I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little boy! :)

Kerilee Law said...

No fair that you look so cute and petite when prego!! I at pretty much sickened by that right now. And all your craftiness on top of it! You are too much. :)
Good luck with the next 2-/+ weeks. I'm anxious to hear news!!

diana said...

You look so great! You know, you shouldn't go advertising that you can still wear regular pre-pregnancy jeans up to the end of your pregnancy. It's a great way to make some enemies. I actually like you a little less because of it. :)

Good luck with everything! I wish we were there.

The Robertson Family said...

These are all amazing! You look so gorgeous Christi! I can't wait for you to get that baby boy out so we can see him! So excited for you guys and your growing family!

Kelli said...

Really great pictures. I love the one of you cross-legged on the beach looking down at the sand. Very sweet.

Jenni K said...

I love your hair and the blue top! You look beautiful!!! We are so excited for you two.

Randi said...

You look gorgeous! I love maternity photos. Good luck on your upcoming delivery! I'm so excited for you.

Spencer and Marlee said...

You look AWESOME!!! I LOVE your hair! It looks so cute!!!I also think your Maternity shirts are adorable!!
Wow, time is coming quick!! I am so excited for you! It comes fast but at the same time it can't come soon enough!!

Michael and Heather said...

Christi, you have the cutest maternity clothes. You need to share some maternity clothes tips with me!! You look great!

Mark and Kirsten said...

Usually I think maternity pictures are kind of silly, but I am loving yours! You look great!!

Ruth said...

I went through the same headache thing during the first trimester of my 2nd pregnancy. Upon my doctor's recommendation, I bought a memory foam pillow, and the headaches disappeared.
BTW, you look great. No fair that you gain the perfect amount of weight!

Richelle said...

you look fantastic! i can only hope when i get pregnant that my pregnancy goes that smoothly. only 1 week left now? so exciting.