09 July 2009

We Love When Cousins Visit!

About a month ago Matt's cousin Heather and her husband Mike came all the way from Logan Utah to visit us! Well and some other things too I guess.

We had so much fun!

It started with an evening at the beach. Everyone went boogie boarding. I chose to be the photographer.

Heather caught some awesome waves!

Saturday and Sunday we spent hanging around Huntington Beach. Took some walks and just enjoyed the weather.

On Monday evening we went Kayaking!

Emily loved my belly as her own pillow.

Heather and Mike looking good in their almost matching tops.

Emily kept jumping back and forth between people and boats.
Matt was so good to me, I only paddled a few times!

Allison tried relaxing, but Justin was having none of that.

On Tuesday we headed to our favorite spot in Laguna .... Thousand Steps Beach.

We enjoyed relaxing!

and watching Emily!

The boys played all evening long!

We even had to do a photo shoot.

This is me at 31 weeks.

We had so much fun you guys! Lets do it again!


Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

LOVE the new blog title/picture.

RaDean said...

cute new posts