10 July 2009

Pobst Family Visit

We were so excited to have Matt's family come visit! The most important reason for their visit was to get this girl

through the San Diego Temple!

How lucky is she! Matt's sister Camille has been called to serve in the Paris mission and she reports August 26! We couldn't be more proud of her and her decision to serve!

Isn't she beautiful!

We did have some other fun while they were all here.

Family picture down by the pier! Thanks Nick and Cat

This is me at 32 weeks.

Matt loves getting kisses from Emily!


Randi said...

That is so awesome. My brother Luke Frampton reports August 26th too!! He's going to the Baton Rouge Mission, Spanish speaking, so I doubt they'll see each other at all, but that would be pretty cool. He's also reporting to Provo. Does she go there to?

Us Bailey's said...

Very cute pictures! I bet that was neat to go through the temple with Camille! Good luck in the next coming weeks!