13 July 2009

Baby Shower & Bair Family Visit

I have such awesome friends who through a baby shower for me! It was so much fun! Seriously thank you too all who helped out!

I unfortunately didn't get very good pictures. Stacy was able to get this one of Allison and I. Allison made the diaper cake, isn't she crafty?!?!

Also in attendance were several women from our ward AND my Mom, Grandma, Sister, Sister-in-law and niece Grace. I'm sad I didn't get a picture with everyone. It was so much fun to have them there! They drove out Monday morning and Left Wednesday morning so it was a quick trip. The certainly weren't complaining about getting out of the Arizona heat. We enjoyed the beach, cherry on top and a special trip to the liquor store!

Stacy and Grace were able to stay for the rest of the week just for fun! The bag grace is holding I made for her. It was a big hit! I got the instructions from Make it and Love it.

This is Gracie's famous banana jump. She jumps up and yells BANANA!

We enjoyed one of Matt's basketball games! Luckily there was a friend for Grace. They enjoyed playing prince and princess together. Check out the Anne, her friend, how she is holding her dress like a "true" princess!

Like I said we enjoyed some beach time! Grace became instant friends with my neighbor Marley while she stayed with me! Everyday they each would wake up and Say " I want to play with Marley" or "Grace?"

Grace and Stacy loved running to the water and jumping over the waves.

Don't they look so cute together?

Another craft I did while they were here was this dress. It started off as Matt's shirt and look what we made! Isn't it fancy? It was pretty dtressful but in the end I feel like I could do it again. Anyone want one? I got the idea from a blog I read called MADE


Kelli said...

So freaking cute! Everything. All of it! You are so crafty!

Stacy said...

Hi I don't know if you remember me but Matt and I grew up in the same stake and I met you at YSA stuff thru Hailie Clark. Anyway. I love reading your posts and seeing all your craftiness and decorating and photography. I really love the dress you made.
Here is another one I found made our of a men's dress shirt.


Kerilee Law said...

Thanks for the great craft blog references! You wanna come to Washington and help me decorate my new house next month? Oh wait, you might be kinda busy... LOL

Coopers said...

Wow. You are so crafty. Those sites are really fun. I might have to try doing something for my nieces.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Great dress. I think you should expand on the liquor store story. I want the details...

Alicia said...

That dress really turned out cute. I agree with Stacy. We need more details about the liquor store trip.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you be going to a liquor store?


Kimberly Giardino said...

Yes just so you know I have loved watching your little baby ticker!!! I am so excited for you!!!