06 June 2010

Beginning of the Idaho Trip

Back at the end of April Westin took a week long vacation to Utah/Idaho. We had a blast but were ready to come home.

We flew into Utah on Wednesday morning. (Way too early but Westin was a champ on the flight, even if the guy next to me asked if he sleeps because he loves sleeping babies. I should have asked him if he sleeps because I love sleeping old men.)

Matt's friend Andre picked us up and drove us around for a while to see a few of the temples.

Next he took us to see my friends.

Taylor and Kaylee
We were at Kaylee's apartment and Westin would not sleep. I hate when he does that.

From there, we headed to my cousin Ruth's house for a VERY short time. Her kids, Tayson and Brennen, loved Westin. From the looks of it Westin wanted a taste of Tayson's cheek. 

But seriously, check out Brennens hair!

Next we headed to the Speirs home. Lanora was very welcoming of us!

Westin even took her toys and proceeded to chew on them. Typical.

That night we went just girls to the BYU creamery. So delicious, but mine was HUGE and I couldn't finish it.

The next day Grandma RaDean (Matt's mom) and Aunt Allison (Matts sister) came up from Arizona with cousin Emily! Allison, Paula and I drove around Provo for a while, then we picked everyone up and did some more driving. The first few days of the trip there was A LOT of driving! Way more then I signed up for.

Westin & Emily

Westin, Emily & Lanora

One of our very last stops in Provo was Magelbe's (sp) Fresh. Westin enjoyed getting tastes of everyone's lunch.

Next we made the trip to Lagon to meet new cousin Noah.

Emily, LOVED to bounce Westin in his bouncer chair and she was singing to Noah in his. Hopefully she'll like her sister to be just as much!

I didn't realize how many good pictures I got of these two. They were both in heaven with a friend to play with.

I can't believe how big Westin looks next to Noah and how close he looks to Emily. When we took these pictures it was crazy to see how big he looks now.

We had dinner with Heather and Mike and headed up to Idaho Falls, like I said, way too much driving! On the way there it started to rain, then it was doing a snow, hail mix. pretty scary and luckily RaDean was not scared at all because I just about needed to pull over to go to the bathroom.

More of the trip to come.

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mrs t said...

Andre's face is hilarious.

Westin is big. End of story.