03 January 2011

Just for the weekend

 A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving we headed to Arizona for the first annual girls trip. It. Was. Fabulous!

Before we left Westin wanted to make sure that we swept the floor. Actually every time I get the broom out he HAS to help. Every time.

At Grandma Bairs house he enjoyed feeding the dog black beans.  Rex, the dog, has a love hate relationship with Westin. He loves the food droppings but hates the touching.

The night we drove in we headed straight to the Westview football game. Aaron, Matts younger brother who is a senior decided to play this year. Westin would only take the picture with the balloon.

While the girls played the boys hiked. Here is Aaron posing on top of Squaw Peak Mountain.

My sister, sister-in-law and my Mom headed to Sedona for the weekend to hang out and craft. Us girls did a whole lot of sitting at this table. We had so much fun and got lots done.

We decided to try to make it a yearly trip.

The finished projects, jewelry hanging frames, Christmas countdown blocks, candy bags, and we decorated treat Tupperware.

After church we drove through Sedona a bit. The red rock was so pretty to see. We hoped out of the car to take this picture, a little fuzzy but so cute!


Hatch Family of Five said...

I love the picture of you and the girls! What a fun idea. I think Mom and Kimberly and I need one of these! Colorado anyone?

diana said...

Love the crafts. Makes me miss you. (even more)