12 January 2011

Welcome Home Elder Bair

My younger brother Matthew returned home from his mission in Washington. We headed out to Arizona leaving at 8pm and got in something early early morning. Spent that day with Allison, Emily and Lyla then headed to the airport to greet Matthew.

Kevin and Jake showed up.

Along with Zach

I was getting really nervous...I think I went to the bathroom twice!

But we made a sign that was rather large.

Everyone showed up!

Scott and Alicia adopted a child.

Oh wait, It was just Westin!

We yelled!

We Cried.

We hugged.

and we became best friends with Gracie.

First thing Matthew said to me was "I just ate peanuts can I hold him?" Thanks for looking out for him dude!

The family.


Stacy was really Excited!

The Pobst family went and watched the rest of Aaron's soccer game. Westin will sit and watch any game that involves a ball.

Aaron showing off some moves.

After Matthew walked around for about 20 mins he finally decided to sit down. Grace and Logan quickly jumped on his lap for story time.

We are so happy he is home. We missed him dearly and now he going to kick butt at Eastern Arizona!


mrs t said...

That's such a good picture of Zach. Have you sent it to Kevin?

mrs t said...

And you look really funny in the picture where mom and Dude are hugging.