04 January 2011

Thanksgiving Week

After two weeks we were back in Arizona for another week. Most of our time was spent with family and doing fun things. The Bairs got together for family pictures. Matt and I took them for everyone at the Mesa Arts Center.

The Thompson Family

With Grace Girl.

Logan with the

Bair Family

We also hiked the White Tanks. I swear, everytime I go hiking with the Pobst family I never know how long of a hike we are doing. Westin konked out luckily. The weather was perfect and we also enjoyed the Butikofer Family.

Matt's Dad and Uncle Bob

And his cousin Sarah who just finish her first 2 semester at BYU-I

We also went to see Hairspray in theater which was totally awesome! Thank you Groupon for the cheap tickets.

I don't really remember much else. We ate dinner at my parents house with all the family plus Matt's family. Love doing that and not having to eat 2 Thanksgiving dinners!


Kerilee Law said...

Darling pictures. :) Will you be attending the big reunion this summer at Bear Lake?

Ruth said...

I can answer for her that yes, she will. And for the entire week too. Or else I will drive out to her apartment and kick her $%*. :)

Ruth said...

On an unrelated note, here is another link that you might find interesting:
This is another blog by the same mother whose blog I referred you to before. This is the blog on which she keeps track of her meal plans and grocery purchases/expenses. I asked her a question on children being picky eaters because she makes great meals and her 4 kids (6 and younger) eat them. On this post, she answered my question and you might find it as interesting, and maybe helpful, as I do. :)

Christi Pobst said...

Yes I will be there. I don't know if we are coming for a week although it seems foolish to drive all that way and not stay for a while.