23 March 2011

Laguna Beach Night Out

For Christmas I got Matta  night out to Laguna Beach. He loves Laguna and hotels so it was the best present ever! We stayed at Pacific Edge (I think) which was right on the water. We loved our view!

Classic foot picture.

We got our snacks and enjoyed watching people and the waves.

The sun setting behind Catalina Island

THe night life. We walked to main street in Laguna and ate at Alessa. The food was delicious but it was really crowded. I hate eating with my back to people, and my back was facing every single person in the room.

THat night we ate more chips and salsa in bed and watched The Dark Knight. It was scary.
The next morning we went for a run and then Matt decided to go for a swim.

It. Was. Cold.

The only way we could have done this was because the Lainharts watched Westin. They said he was a champ and was super easy. (Lets hope they were serious) The joined us for breakfast in a teeny tiny place that was yummy.
We headed to the park on the main beach in Lagnua.

Then Westin found a ball.

A volleyball. Thankfully the nice guys let him play with it or he would have had a fit!

We moved on to the apparently wet dog. I say apparently because I don't remember that detail of it (This was back in January)

After the volleyball and dog we went to a basketball.

Then to a pop tart. Westin doesn't like to go near the water but the little boy behind him (Isaiah) LOVES it. He would run and swim if his momma would let him.

Ashlynn isn't a fan of the water but she loves to dig.

Dave and Isaiah enjoyed hunting for treasures around the walk.

What a cute picture of Westin and his Dad. I bet he was really nervous walking so close to the water. (Westin, not his Dad)

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mrs t said...

Looks like a good time.

I like your shirt.

Of course you ate tons of chips and salsa.

When I first saw the picture of Matt jumping in the wave I thought he was upside down.

Westin. What a nut.