03 March 2011

Westin and His Hat

Westin loves wearing a hat. It seems quite strange to me because what kid will keep a hat on their head. Westin wants to put it on all the time and wants to put one on his Dad or I. He has walked into a wall or two because he puts them on too low.

With Westin's ball obsession comes missing balls. He will put a ball under the couch on purpose so he can try and get it out using whatever long stick he can find.

Again with the basketball. He really does have a pretty good shot.

Westin loves to help me sweep which I don't mind. What bothers me is when he steps in my piles of swept junk and jumps in it. I don't know where he learned it from but I hope its a habit he breaks soon.


mrs t said...

Again, such a boy. And a stinker. That first hat picture is hysterical!

Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

our boys like hats too... maybe it's a boy thing? :)

Hatch Family of Five said...

Cute cute kid! I love the blog updates. Westin is growing so fast.