04 March 2011

Ragnar Relay with Some Oranges

About a month ago Sprouts, (one of my favorite Produce stores, I know I've had a few of them over the years but Sprouts is my favorite close by) had oranges on sale for .19 cents a pound! Can you believe that? I bought over 40 pounds...twice! We love oranges around here and we were juicing them for fresh OJ! Delicious.

In other news I'm officially signed up for Ragnar Relay So Cal. I'm so excited. Better yet I found running partners to help me train! We are up to 5 miles now and feeling great. I started pretty late training but it's going to be such  blast. I'm running with a team of 12, I know one other person. I'm starting the race off at 6 in the morning (not excited about) in Huntington Beach and I run around 5 miles for each of my 3 legs. I'm so pumped and I'm already thinking about which race I want to do next. Anyone want to join me?

I've been wanting to get back into running but for multiple reasons I never did. Then when I was asked to do it and I asked a friend to join me in the mornings its been fantastic ever since! The race is April 15th-16th so be thinking about me on Tax Day!


mrs t said...

I'm jealous of your oranges. (That sounded kind of weird...)

Good job the running. Glad you found a partner. That makes it so much easier. Wish I could be there for your race. But I'll be thinking of you as I run my own (much shorter) race.

Lizzie said...

One of the girls in my van is injured, if she does not get better, would your running partner be interested?

Jared and Christin said...

Keep up the hard work on training. I wish I had trained a little more for the Ragnar Del Sol. It is something else and an absolute blast. Have fun!

Michael and Heather said...

The Ragnar! Go girl go. I've never done one but have had friends do one. I hear they are really fun and kind of brutal. I'm excited to hear about your experience.