03 March 2011

Toy Story Mania

I think its safe to say, Westin's favorite ride is Toy Story Mania. He loves the glasses and he wants to sit in his own seat and play is own game. 
Last time we rode around on it he was sitting in my lap until the end he wanted to move over. He has the game totally figured out and wants to do by himself.

Of course the Lainharts joined us.

Matt calls WEstin stich. He gets in these moods where he runs around the house squealing and jumping around. When we saw him we had to get a picture. Lilo was offended we didn't want her in it, and Westin was less then a fan.

We love having our passes!

1 comment:

mrs t said...

The glasses! Stitch! It all makes me laugh. And your hair looks really cute in those pictures.