03 May 2011

Bolsa Chica Birds

Every once in a while Matt gets a strong urge to go see the birds at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands. I try to fight it all the time, but he loves it. It's only a f ew miles from our house so I guess going there and enjoying nature isn't so bad. I always complain about the smell and the temperature.
Matt jokes that I'm too hot if it is 76 degrees and too cold if it is 74. I guess I'm just a California girl now.

We usually go on Sunday's. It's never crowded but there are always a few people taking pictures of the birds or watching them through the binoculars.  I think its boring but I know some people love it.

Westin is only half good at holding our hands, but if we throw in the 1-2-3 WEEEEEE then he loves it. (That is the part I hate)

Its much nicer when Westin will get on his Dad's shoulders. We can get around much quicker. I think will be like his Dad, he loves it. It could be the combination of he can says birds and he loves to be outside.


Jenni said...

Westin is so cute! I can't believe how grown up he is. Love the hat!

mrs t said...

Birds? Really? Sometimes Matt really surprises me.