21 June 2011


Westin celebrated Easter with too much Candy. He only got two eggs with skittles in them, we only let him eat half of one (it was breakfast after all) Then at church he was WIRED! He doesn't eat much treats. All the good ones have milk or peanuts in them so when he has something with lots of sugar you can tell.

He got a bat and ball, some cars and sunglasses (which he loves and always keeps on) He wouldn't even look up for the picture.

Church outfit. I got him matching pants to his vest but they were way too big. so was the new shirt. I guess we stay with 18 month clothes for a while.

We also dyed Easter eggs with our friends Char & Tyrone Hatch. Believe it or not, they recently moved into our first place we lived when we first moved to California, and they are from Arizona! They are also Westin's nursery teachers and he loves them. Thank goodness.

Westin really got into the Easter egg dying. 

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