02 June 2011

Disneyland with Friends

We love Disneyland, but we love it even more when friends join us!

Our neighbors Nora and June came.

With Charlie.

Kay and Max

and Reese in the bottom corner.
Doesn't Charlie look like my child? We don't really look alike but that cute smile all cuddled up to me!

Waiting in line is more fun with friends. Westin always tries to do whatever the big kids are doing. You better believe he was up on the fence with them.

Later on that week Charlie and his family came over for dinner afterward him and Westin played baseball. Charlie would pitch and Westin would hit it. Then the opposite happened. Westin would pitch and Charlie would hit. Westin got in a crazy mood where he would pitch then laugh and Charlie would swing and miss. (of course he would miss, what 3 year old could hit off a almost 2 year old) Anyway, Charlie would get really frustrated and say, or yell, "It's not funny. He didn't realize Westin was not laughing at him he just loves to throw a ball and gets really excited about it.

Westin with the baseball bat that was actually a bowling pin.

We love our friends and neighbors, we always have a good time!


Dave and Becca said...

How fun! Miss you guys like crazy. Westin is looking so big! Our skype is up and running finally.

chadderbox said...

I loved the Westin and Charlie story. That is hysterical!!

mrs t said...

Sorry. That was me, not chadderbox.