06 June 2011

Ragnar Relay

I ran the race on April 15 and it was so much fun. I'm pretty sure everyone had fun. Our team name was Seuss on the Loose so the first run we all wore Cat in the Hat attire. 

I felt pretty silly, I had the hat, the whiskers, the bow plus I had to wear a head lamp, reflective vest and a wrist band (which was our baton for the hand offs)
This was pre-race. After this picture I realized I need to get running. I barely got all my gear on before the gun went off.

My whole first leg I ran with some guy, I hope he didn't mind.

Everyone was a Thing number and had a name. Since my family calls me Lady that's what I was then they (my teammates) added the Red Fish, I thought it worked out well.

This was at the first van exchange. Most of the things.

This was at the fourth van exchange. All of the big exchanges were a nightmare with people trying to run in and drive in (and back out). I think it made a lot of people late, which would be a bummer if you were the person waiting for your next runner.

After the races on Coronado Island. We didn't have the greatest team time but we had fun and still got to enjoy some of the few festivities.

This is everyone. My van included all the girls from the top row, Thing 1-6

We got some sweet metals and a car sticker (which I'm in love with and is on my back window proudly)

I would do another one in a heart beat....Maybe next year?


mrs t said...

Oh my gosh this whole thing is so funny. Too bad I didn't get to see you running in the getup. And running with the random guy! Hilarious!

thesvancaras said...

dang girl! You must be in great shape. Looks like a lot of fun.