11 January 2012

San Diego August 2012

Just like every year we spend a week in San Diego with the Bair family. This year was a pretty small group. Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Matthew, me and Westin. We missed the Thompsons and the Bairs.

Westin and I headed down on Saturday like usual but it had taken nearly 2 hours to go what should have taken 30 mins. We turned around and headed down later that night. On Sunday we went to church (same ward as always) then home for nap and lunch. The condo we stay at has a few bikes so we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon bike ride.

Monday is the best day. Everyone gets out super early to start the relaxing on the beach.

Westin loved the holes Uncle Bruce would dig.  Westin and all the cousins enjoy jumping in and climbing out and when the tide comes up watching the hole fill with water.

Do you see the hole Westin is looking in? That is a big pvc pipe. Bruce brings them out everyday to try out new ways to put them in and have the water come in.

This is Colton. My cousins Kim's little boy. We were so lucky to be able to spend so much time with them. They live in Colorado and haven't been able to come to San Diego in I don't know how long. He is about 5 or 6 months younger then Westin. They loved playing together.

Sliding into one of many big holes.

With Water at the bottom of it. Perfect water to play in when you are a little bit afraid of the big waves.

Hanging out with Grandma Bair, notice the fruit snacks bag. Westin was bribed with a lot of snacks on this trip. A lot.

I have loved this hat for Westin. He still loves to wear it but the Velcro is coming loose so its harder for him to keep it on properly. He tries though.

Another cousin, Heather. She tried to stay away from the camera but I was able to catch one of her.

This is Cass, he is 2 weeks older then Westin. He is much bigger and stronger then my little guy though.

Matt was able to come halfway through the week. He took the train down and joined us for all the festivities at Belmont Park.

We had to play Phase 10 paddle ball.

Here are the pipes so you can see just how big they really are.

WE also celebrated Westin's second birthday while we were there. The first of many birthday parties.

He even blew his own candle out. It was so cute.

This is his "silly face"

We played cards most nights. Aunt Melanie, Corrina, Kevin, Uncle Bruce, Grandma, myself, Grandpa Bair.

We always love our week on the beach. Hopefully next year more of the family will join us.

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{larissa} said...

dude I remember going on this trip with you! SO FUN!!!