26 February 2012


We headed to Arizona for Thanksgiving this year. The same as every year. One day I'll get the family to come out and see us!

I'm sure these two are watching golf in Grandpas room. 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with both our families there to join. It was hosted at the Pobst home this year and everything was delicious. My favorite is always the mashed potatoes.  Some how we ended up with so many pies, plus ice cream. I don't remember hearing anyone complain though.

The following Saturday we headed to the Temple for Aaron to receive his own endowments. I was so wonderful to be there with him, he will be the best missionary Korea has ever seen!

Grandma & Grandpa Bair tok Westin for the day while we were at the temple. On the way home from picking him up we let him drive through the neighbor. He LOVES this, as does any child I think. I will always remember climbing up on my Dads lap so I could drive up our street and pull into the garage. Hopefully we are building such memories for Westin.

Of course we did some backyard golfing. Its an everyday, multiple times a day kind of thing.

We headed to McCormick Ranch to ride the train with Grandma and Grandpa. The Christmas Decorations weren't all put up yet but Westin enjoyed the ride, and swinging his Golf Club for all to see.

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