01 February 2012

New York Day 3

I forgot to add this to Day one in New York, as we were walking down the street all the sudden this guy rolls up with a bunch of suits on a clothing rack and yells out suits for $20. We got Matt and his Brother Aaron a suit. They aren't perfect but for $20, its not too bad.

First thing we did on Sunday morning was head to Top of the Rock.
 A little sidenote: I didn't know anything about "The Rock" like, 30 Rock is the address. The whole block is called Rockefeller Center. The show 30 Rock is truly based off of NBC. I was totally clueless.

Anyway, so I learned a lot of stuff of this trip.

4 Five, right in the middle of the Empire State Needle. Again, we are rad!

We also made our way down to China town and Little Italy. I got a purse from the secret room in a store. We tried to haggle but we were unsuccessful.  We nearly got kicked out because of it. We had lunch in Little Italy which was really delicious. This guy came up to us on the street and basically begged we go in. We were glad we did because it was yummy.

We were also able to ride bikes through Central Park. The park is huge! We (I) couldn't believe it. It took us forever but it was really fun. We stopped at a museum in the middle of our ride, i stayed out with our bikes and everyone else ran in. They said it was nothing special and quite strange so I wasn't too sad I stayed out. (I didn't need a nap anyway)

On the subway ride down there this really smelly guy came walking through for money. He was rather large but seriously stunk. I felt bad for him.  Then other guys came through singing. It was fun to experience the normal New York stuff while on the subway. At least what I think might be normal.

On our way to the bus stop. We ran through Grand Central Station for another quick 4 five picture. On our way out of here we were trying to get a taxi. We were told to line up in this certain spot and get in line. We got into yet another fight with people trying to stand up for another group. We probably don't belong there. We might not make it out alive.

The bus ride home was for the most part uneventful. We did stall on the freeway and I nearly threw up but we made it home in one piece. We can not wait to go back!

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