01 February 2012


While we were gone Grandma Pobst came out to watch the kids. Seriously, we are so lucky! How nice to spend a whole weekend by yourself watching 3 little turkeys. Plus they had a big storm that brought in lots of snow.Westin enjoyed his first time playing in the snow. I love his socks on his hands!

Our first day back to Boston was Halloween! Westin was a golfer. Matt's Mom helped me make the pants and she did the hat. It turned out so cute and he loved it!

I made a big announcement on Halloween! We are expecting baby # 2 the end of April. Its a BOY!

During the day we went on a tour of downtown. We took a duck tour, part on land and part on water.

We took the 4 five up a level.

Luckily, everyone enjoyed the trip. It was a good trip and funny and informative.

When we got on the water, the driver let the kids take a turn driving.

Downtown Boston.

Westin still isn't very interested in having a new baby around. Plus, he calls the baby a baby sister.

That night we enjoyed trick or treating. Westin really got into it, although it was hard telling him some things would make him sick and he couldn't have it. Most people understood and let us pick out what would be ok. We got to walk around with Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Dumpling.

After trick or treating we headed to Chipotle for some free food! If you came dressed in something food or farm related you got a free burrito. I thought Matt's costume was the best, we pinned some fabric pumpkins on to his shirt.

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