01 February 2012

New York Day 2

On Saturday we knew it was going to rain and snow but man was it crazy. We woke up had some breakfast and off we went to try to find some activities in doors.

The first hing we did was go to the NBC tour. This was really fun. We got to see a couple different studios, Dr. Oz and Jimmy Fallon. It was interesting to hear how they film the show to make the room look bigger. They were small rooms! We also got to see the SNL studio. We were there no a Saturday and we normally would have been able to see them practicing but they weren't taping that night. We totally missed out. Justin and Allison volunteered to do a news cast show. Justin was an anchor and Allison did the weather. It was funny to watch and hear what they thought about it.

We ended up separating to get tickets for different events and to stay dry Matt and I ended up in a 2 story Walgreen's. The picture above is what it looked like outside.

Next on the list was going to see Radio City. I loved this place. I'm not sure anyone else was super thrilled with it. I found it very interesting. We almost were able to see some practices. I bet if we were the next group we would have. I don't think we were supposed to take pictures of the stage, somehow Matt managed to grab this one.

They had just finished decorating for Christmas and had this Chandelier put up. It's a big Christmas tree and was really pretty. It would have been fun to see it all lite up.

Allison and I were brave enough to take pictures with a REAL rockette. I was the first to step up, everyone else was too shy.

We had a few passes to some museums. We went to the museum of natural history. I was completely exhausted and was really bored with the museum. I found a room showing a video and fell asleep. Matt thought it was histerical and took a picture. You can hardly tell I'm there but I was asleep sitting up.

We eventually found some really cool and interesting rooms in the museum. We must have started in the boring rooms. We stayed until close around 5 and headed out for some dinner. We ended up at Shake Shack again, and loved it.

After dinner we went to see a show! We were able to get $30 or $40 tickets. Can't remember which one. We saw, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. We all loved it and highly recommend it. The main character is Daniel Radcliffe. We tried to see him after the show and barely got a glimpse. He wasn't interested in saying Hi to anyone because it was cold and rainy, don't blame him. He did really well and could surprisingly sing and dance.

After the show we headed to Empanada Mammas for some late night grub. We had heard good reviews about this place and really liked it. It was a tiny little place and everyone was friendly.

After dinner we walked through time square for some late night pictures. To the left of Justin's head is the billboard for the show we saw.

I haven't mentioned the 4 five yet. Anytime something awesome happened we would 4 five. Any place any time. We always asked for people to take pictures of it and everyone always thought we were super weird for it. Oh well, we had fun doing it anyway.

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