24 May 2008

Actual San Francisco

First thing we went to .....

This was Monday, we rode around on the city bus for a little bit, I guess enough time to take a kissing picture!

These guys were at pier, them and all their friends hang out an yell at each other! It was so cold and stinky but for some reason we stayed around looking at them for a while.

I think you can tell where we went here!

So right in the middle of all these tall buildings we see this sign! I was so excited, too bad we had already eaten other wise I would have eaten there for sure! I am an All American Girl. Anytime I can get my hands on a burger and fries I am pretty much the happiest girl! I don't know if a lot of you know that about me!

Just a fun shot of the city so you can see how packed it was!

We went to see the San Francisco bridge, but it was so foggy you couldn't see it. It was actually in the background there. Notice I am wrapped in a blanket, You wouldn't believe how cold it was!

Anyone recognize this guy?

Yes we got to go visit Pixar. It's in a city called Emmeryville (sp?). Matt's friend, the groom works there. It was so fun to see all the cool displays they had. There was lots of restricted areas like where the people actually create. We did get to go see office's and they were pretty cool. Some people had a tuff shed as their office, everyone had walls painted all sorts of color. They could do what ever they wanted. One office had a shark going through the wall. We could see the tail and in the office was the head! It was WILD!

Wall.E is the next movie coming out. Matt's friend did a lot of work on it so we are pretty excited to go see it!

Sorry for the picture overload but the weekend was packed!

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