06 May 2008

What Does it take to Be Married To Christi Mouse

Its an awesome job that takes Matt and the Giant Peach!!!

So, now I will conclude my previous post with :

Part II: The amazingness

So our first year has been pretty amazing. We have been on many trips. We went on a cruise, went to Oklahoma, to Boston, to Florida, to Utah, to Tucson (Christi was chasing after Tiger Woods), Christi's first Suns game, went camping, baby sat Grace and all the other 59 things we blogged about already. Don't forget Disneyland - hopefully we'll go there 10 more times so expect a some serious blogging from that.

So here are a few of my favorite Christi moments.

10. When she would have no patience with the kids in nursery who liked me better.

9. How she asked every single kid what they were for Halloween, and how she managed to act surprised and excited no matter what their response.

8. When we were in her parents ward for church and some how swooped two babies and we ended up holding a set of twins during Sunday school

7. How she lets out this super frustrated grunt and gets me super worried and its usually over something silly like she accidentally clicked on the wrong link.

6. That she expects organized behavior from school districts.

5. How she smiles when she runs.

4. When we were playing soccer and she completely shoulder tackled another girl.

3. Whenever she makes mac 'n cheese or beef stroganoff.

2. Whenever she helps me to get something done approx. 10 times sooner than if I were left to do it on my own.

1. She was getting totally excited to run at the golf tournament to stay up with Tiger, and how she crept up to the ropes to see Tiger nail a 40 ft put.

I love Christi and am so excited for year 2!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great mouse picture! Matt, you're such a sap!

HaleighLynn said...

You guys are too sweet! I can tell you that Peyton liked you both equally, but she still misses you guys! Keep in touch!


Spencer and Marlee said...

CONGRATS ON THE 1 YEAR!! It is so much fun being married! I LOVE IT! I love the pictures! Especially the mouse ears.