27 May 2008

Last week and Saturday!

Last week Tuesday we went to Disneyland with Paula and James. It was a blast. The lines were fairly short but it was never hot! We went on Splash Mountain the most probably because it had the shortest line, the boys loved to see people get wet and one time we literally walked on the line with a fast pass. We kept passing all these people, at least 200 people seriously. Then when we got to the area where you get in the log the worker had these 3 people get off the ride so we could get on. It was pretty wild but it never happened again.

On Wednesday Paula, James and I went to California Adventure. The lines over there were definitely short and it made for a good day. We were exhausted from Tuesday but it was fun. Hopefully pictures to follow. We didn't take our camera but our friends got some good shots.

On Saturday, Matt and I braved driving the Los Angeles. The drive took about 40 mins with no traffic, so not too bad. We went down to see the fashion district. We had heard about this from friends in our ward in Gilbert and couldn't wait to go. We got enough fabric to cover 3 windows with curtains, a table runner, re-cover our head board and a duvet cover. I am so excited. My Mom is coming tonight and staying till Friday so we can get sewing. It is going to be such a blast!

Here is a sneak peak.....

Family Room



P.S. The Fashion district has all these fabrics on ultra sale...There are about 20 stores with all their fabrics for $5 or less a yard and one store we went into looked like a 2 store Joann's full of fabric! It was INSANE! Anyone need fabric? I bet I could find exactly what you want even if you send me a picture of it!


Kelli said...

That is awesome! Have a blast with AUnt Lisa! I NEED FABRIC! I was just in San Diego...Cory and I should have gone!

Us Bailey's said...

How fun! I love the patterns that you choose. Once we get a house-- be prepared for pictures!!! Hope you having fun in CA! Disneyland sounds like fun.

Dave and Becca said...

I am so glad you guys are loving CA. That would be a fun place to live! By the way the fabric is so cute! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Those are totally cool fabrics. Please post pictures of the finished products. Am I going to see your place this weekend? Have I told you that I'm coming in October with G and we're going to Disneyland? And I think Matthew is coming. When we buy a house again, I will have you snag me some cool fabric.

Jenni K said...

all your fabric looks gorgeous!! seriously, I am drooling over it. There is NO where to buy fabric in San Antonio. I haven't found anything I like so maybe I will have to send you a picture! Looks like you are having fun in your new city!