23 May 2008

Weekend in San Francisco!

So we moved out to Huntington Beach on May 10. The very next Friday, May 16 we drove up to San Francisco to see one of Matt's friends get sealed in the Oakland Temple. While there we went into town. We have just a few photos to share. Oh by the way, the weather was SOOO hot on the day of the wedding then the very next day it was Freezing cold!

The Happy Couple! Mr & Mrs Speirs!

This is James and Jacob Speirs and Matt. Their parents went to BYU together. Thats how long these families have been friends!

BYU roommates!

James and Paula Speirs. They got married 1 week before Matt and I. We love hanging out with them but times are rare because they are in Provo. They spent Tuesday and Wednesday with us though, we went to DISNEYLAND!!!

You know who we are. The reception was at the Zoo and the room had such an amazing view of the city! We helped set up so we both were kind of tired and didn't look so hot! We had a blast though and we are so happy we drove up there!


Josh and Kimberly Giardino said...

I love love love san fran!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. Didn't you stay there for a few days? What else did you guys do?

camillianairee said...

that's a bad blue steel mateo...the photographer should have waited until you were ready!