14 May 2008

What Did We Do For Our Last Night in Phoenix?

Matt loves to cook and he so SOO good at it. One thing he has made multiple times is Pizza! It is always delicious! There is restaurant in Down Town Phoenix that Matt has wanted to go to for quite while. I picked him up from th airport on Thursday night and we headed out there. Of course we had to take the camera!

We went to Pizzeria Biancos! It was delicious! I was impressed with how inexpensive it was. We got a salad (spinach with strawberries) and a cheese pizza all under $20. we got bread with vinegar to start that was to die for! If you are looking for a little place to eat go for it. The ONLY problem is that they are open from 5 - 10 and we had to wait an hour at 9 o'clock. Other then that is GREAT!


The McKeachnie Family said...

Mmmmmm..... pizza. And I was just wondering what to do for dinner tonight. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

We'll have to go check the place out. Sounds swanky!

Cassie said...

Oh my gosh...isn't Pizzeria Bianco amazing!! That's one of my and Dan's favorite restaurants. And you're so right, it's so affordable! Well worth the wait too.