09 June 2010

First We Played with the Kittys

While we visited Utah, Westin was able to meet a few new animal friends.
First was the kitten's. Now I don't like cats, at all. However, Kittens are fun and cute. Westin thought so too. 

Westin wanted nothing more but to hold those kittens.

Emily on the other hand just wanted to pet them. She did not like when their claws would touch her.

Megan would hold, grab, throw and kiss those kittens all day long! She was scary with those babies!

I can't get over how sweet this picture is of Emily.

Next up was eating. Westin ate so much on this trip I had to slow him down when we got back. He was eating more bananas then I could eat.

I wish Westin had a cute smile in the picture below, this one would have been PERFECT!

This gentlemen is Daniel. One of Matt's cousins. He is currently attending BYU-Idaho, but come September he and his unit will be heading to Iraq (I believe). His orders were announced while we were there. Daniel and I got to know each other as we drove to Logan and back together. I learned all I wanted to know about farming.

You need to watch the WHOLE video. It is hilarious. Westin grabs a kitten, and Megan throws one and chokes one.

Save the kittens from Christi Pobst on Vimeo.

The Mom to these cats did. not. like. me. Seriously, she would stare at me like crazy anytime I went near the kittens.


Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

Oh dear. The pictures are cute, but I almost peed my pants watching Westin pull that kitten's tail. That was too funny.

This&That said...

I laughed out loud all by myself at this post. The kids think I'm crazy but this was good, especially since I don't like cats either!

Michael and Heather said...

The photos are so cute. I really like the one of Daniel too. And the cat movie...hilarious!

thesvancaras said...

Oh my gosh! Poor kittens. lol Westin is cute kid

Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

poor kittens! :( westin is getting SO big!