27 June 2010

Later On

Later that night after the animals ALL of Matt's cousins came over to have a yummy dinner and enjoy company. These are all of the Grand-kids that could make it. It was such a fun time and Westin loved to watch all the kids run around like crazies.

The next day out came the kitties again, not so many this time. So Precious, huh?

We got back in the car and headed to Logan. Luckily Westin took a short nap because he wasn't not excited about driving again.

The trip to Logan was to see Noah (Matt's cousin Heather's baby) get blessed. What a treat it was to witness such a sweet blessing!

After we tried to get one last photoshoot in of Emily & Westin. See how cute Westin was?

Actually most of the time we were watching WWF! Emily was so happy and excited and Westin was totally not interested. It usually works the other way around.

Luckily we got this...somehow.

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mrs t said...

Westin looks like he's pulling a Kramer and makin love to the camera.