22 June 2010

Then We Played With the Bunny and Pony

Westin's next animal to meet was Sarah's bunny.

I don't think he liked it as much. Actually, he probably tried to grab it and Grandma pulled him back.

We had to take a break for lunch. We ALWAYS found time to eat.

Next up....the Pony! Again, Westin didn't like it. For some reason he hated the pony and being on her. It was probably because she stunk!

A little bit better with Mom by his side.

Megan tried to pull the Pony and get her to take a walk with her. She would pull so hard and she would just fall.

Next was a look at cows and horses.  Didn't Emily look so cute in her boots?

Grandma was always there for Westin. They got a lot of time together on this fun trip!

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