28 June 2010

To Finish Off the Week

Westin and I were gone from Wednesday to Thursday. It was such a long trip and we were ready to go home. Especially after teething in the middle of the night, waking up 6 or 7 times. Thank goodness for Grandmas! 

The rest of the week we met up with lots of people. We went out for a birthday lunch for Grandma Radean where Westin poured a full glass of ice water on him and didn't even let it bother him. 

We met lots of Grandma Radeans friends. Westin was so good for all of it. He was only scared of one person, in his defense he was extra tired and was ready to go home. I think I was too.

a BIG thank you to Aunt Susan for hosting us the whole item and making such yummy food! Also, thank you Grandma Radean for inviting us and driving us all over the place!

How could I almost forget, when we were heading to the airport we stopped at Five Guys to eat dinner. Westin had been crying for about 20 mins but we didn't think anything of it. We knew he had pooped but figured he was ready to get out of his seat. We parked and got Westin out. He has done the largest poop I have ever seen! It was insane! I didn't even know where to begin to clean it up. Poor guy was covered from bum to foot! We got him all cleaned up and ready to eat! Once again he was a champ on the flight! He fell asleep as soon as we were landing so he wasn't happy to be woken up but sure was happy to see his Daddy!

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Michael and Heather said...

I heard about that huge ole poop adventure. I wouldn't know where to start either!