29 May 2011

Aunt Camille Came Home

In March Aunt Camille came home from his mission to Paris. Westin had only seen her when he was a couple weeks old. Luckily he has warmed right up to her.

Their were a lot of flight mishaps for them but the finally arrived to Phoenix late Friday night.

We waited around by security for a while. Westin did a lot of running and chasing.

We held up signs and I was getting very anxious. It's always so exciting to pick someone up at the airport, no matter how long they have been gone.

Westin held the sign for about 15 seconds, he was over it.

I think he was pointing out Grandpa Pobst.

Trying to figure out what my signs say.

We love our Aunt Camille and are so proud of her. She will be heading up to BYU Idaho in the fall so we hope to spend lots of time with her...in California.

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