31 May 2011

Bair Reunion March 26

We had our Annual Bair Family Reunion. This s for my Dad's side starting with his parents. We had 6 Grandchildren and 10 Great Grandchildren (I think) Westin is a great grandchild. There are lots more that couldn't make it. We meet at a park in East Mesa and enjoy a BBQ and the playground.  
Westin and Matt couldn't make it. I thought it would be mean to leave his Aunt so short after her getting home. It was her weekend.

Grace loves to be a Mom to her cousins.

All the eating, what is a family get together without the food?

Zach is my cousins son, so my second cousin maybe? He makes me laugh, constantly trying to do everything his Dad does. I hope Westin is like that!

There was some Frisbee throwing but mostly chatting. We had so much fun and hopefully everyone can make it next year.

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