31 May 2011

The Rest of the Time.

Camille gave her homecoming talk in church the Sunday she got back. She did a fabulous job and it was so great to be able to hear it.

Afterward, there was lots of yummy food and plenty of people to talk to. We looked through lots of wedding pictures of the Pobst family friend the Clonts. Their oldest daughter got married a few weeks before we were there.

On Monday Aaron had a baseball game we were able to go to but left in the middle of to head home. We have found that if we driving in the evening to midnight or so the drive is so much easier with Westin. He plays for about two hours then falls asleep.

Last minute pictures with Aunt Camille

Grandma Alice, This is Westin's Great Grandma.

Sometime over the weekend Matt & Grandpa took Westin out on the Canoe. He was not a big fan of it and was out for maybe 5 minutes.

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