10 May 2011

We had some visitors & the hotel starts

We had some fun visitors joins us. Grace, Stacy and a friend Carli. Grace and Carli are 5. It was very interesting to see them interact together.

All the cousins and friends enjoyed Popsicle together. When the little boys came out the door was closed to lock them out until they were down.

The day after they came we headed to Disneyland. Cane you believe those 5 year old girls could ride and they were brace enough to be in front! Check out their faces!

Grace always grabs her Mom's face for a picture.

After Space Mountain the first ride which we ran to my hair looked a mess. We headed over to Matterhorn. Another ride to add to the mess.

I guess Disneyland won't be anything with out small world...

We aren't sure if Grace liked it or not though.

Somewhere between Small World and this big boat we made our way to Toone Town. In Toone TOwn they have a bunch of places for the kids to run around, a house and a boat. Three girls ran in to the house together, Ashlynn, Grace, and Carli. We HAPPENED to see Ashlynn (3 year old) run out from another side. She had gotten seperated from the girls and came out to look for her Mom. I say we happened to see her because it was St. Patricks Day and there were a ton of people there. We then realized the other girls might not know where we were. I ran in to look for them and Stacy ran to the other side. I get to the top to look out and all I see are people wearing green. I was looking for Stacy, notice what color she is wearing...green. I couldn't see her anywhere. We found them and they didn't know they were lost.

Next up was the big boat. We talked the girls into going on the White Boat instead of the Pirate one and when we got on a lady asked me if we wanted to head to  the top and drive the boat! Of course I said! We hiked up to the 4th level and the girls got to steer and blow the horns and ring the bell. They loved it and were so happy they went with our recommendation. (Us too, we would have been there longer)


On the way out I saw Belle, I rush Grace over there and told her to hug. I know how those princesses work, you have to throw your self at them if they are going to stop.

This is my favorite shot of they day. I love my Grace girl, I think we have a special bond.


mrs t said...

That was a fun trip. Even in my Disneyland outfit was really stupid. And we lost the girls in a sea of green.

mrs t said...

Funny thing about this post is that I just posted about our most recent trip to Disneyland. You're a little behind.