21 August 2011

Weekend of the 4th Part I

We had so much fun with Matt's family over the fourth of July. The first day we hiked up to the Hollywood sign, or as close as we could get. I think people took turns carrying Westin. He only weighs 25 pounds and has for about 8 months.

Westin has a camelback water bottle but he thinks sharing with his Aunt Camille was really fun. They walked like this for most of the hike. Good thing though, it was pretty hot out there.

I really love this picture. I think everyone looks great and Westin is at least looking.

Granpa Shawn and Grandma RaDean were with us but I didn't get pictures of them except for the back of Grandpa.

After hiking we went to Pink's hot dogs which wasn't so great then we went to Diddy Riese, which is a ice cream cookie sandwich. We have had friends tell us since we moved out here we need to go and it was not a disappointment. 
Later that night I was in a 4th of July show just singing. I'm not sure why I signed up but I enjoyed my time in it.

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CKE said...

Ahem. Let the blog stalking begin. ;)

So I love how you casually mention at the end of the post that you sang in a group for 4th of July... um that's awesome! And WHERE are the pics of that huh? :)

Anyway that hike looks fun! John and I want to go up there and do that and see the planetarium as well! :)