18 August 2011

Bananas, Parks & Medicine

Besides cookies (oreos), Westins favorite food is a banana. He would and could eat them all day long if I let him. He also really loves his rain boats, they are trains after all.

He also is taking a steady cocktail of benedryl and Zyrtec these days. Plus an inhaler. Every night before bed we tell him its time for his medicine and he gets his stool from the bathroom to sit on. (Whatever gets him to take all his medicine) It seems like a lot of stuff in his little body but he doesn't wheeze and hasn't had problems when he consistently takes them.

Sometimes Westin's shorts are a tad big for him. He is 2 now and he has trouble keeping some 18 month shorts on. I found him just like this during a nap, later when I got him out of bed they were half off. Yes he still sleeps with his pacifier, he is loosing it soon. I'm afraid my 3-4 hour naps will be gone though.

Park day around here is every Tuesday. Promenade Park is our favorite, the sand is a volleyball court which means we don't have to walk through it to go on a slide or be pushed in a swing. We go with lots of friends.

We almost always bring a ball or 2. Haven't lost one yet but I'm afraid its coming.

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