21 August 2011

Oceanside -- LegoLand

The next day on Saturday we spent the day at Lego Land. We met up with the Barnums at their hotel to eat some good breakfast. When I walked in to our "Continental Breakfast" at our hotel I literally laughed. It was next to nothing in there and then some coffee.

Lego Land was a fun place if your child was tall enough for rides. That was kind of a let down for us. He did love the little splash park by some of the water rides. He played there for a bout an hour. We weren't prepared with a swimming suit though.

They also have an aquarium you can check out. Westin really liked that and talking about all the fish. This picture was looking in on Westin and I in the middle of a doughnut shaped tank.

They had only one place for you to touch something, and I don't even remember what we touched. Probably a starfish.

We had fun but won't be going back until after Westin and the rest of the kids are tall enough to enjoy the rides, or we will go to the water park.

On the way home we stopped a the Crate and Barrel outlet, I can't stay away from that place. We ended up with a couple of cool things our favorite a patio umbrella. Westin got a little tired and fell right asleep in Matt's arm, a VERY rare occasion.

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