18 August 2011

New Toys

I got a new camera for my birthday. I loved it, it took fantastic pictures and even took video. Then sadly it started freezing so we took it back. But we had it for about a month and had lots of fun with it.

Matt was napping on a Sunday afternoon and Westin found it necessary for his Dad to hold all his bowling pins, plus his milk. I still can't believe he never woke up through it all.

Of course there was a little ball action going on. What day would be complete without some?

Sometimes he tries to see how many he can hold.

For instance, heading out the door for church he tries to grab anything he can take with him. I love his innocent look trying to get us to give in. He isn't allowed to bring toys (especially balls) he just ends up throwing everything.

Or here were we are trying to say bed time prayers and he has to be holding his ball in order to say prayers and go to bed. Serious stinker status.

Westin also loves to eat guacamole, especially Chipotle's.
We picked up some dinner for our good friends the Lyons. They just had their baby girl Stella and we had to go see her. 

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