12 January 2012

Phone Pictures

All of these pictures were taken from my phone. This is the best we are going to get since, once again, our memory card was lost and I have no photos from September to October 2011.

Westin and his cousin Logan started a pre-school/play-group on Wednesday and Friday's. He goes for 2 hours and basically plays and learns a new letter each week. On the first day they both showed up in the same outfit. Doesn't Westin look like he belongs in California with the hair and no shoes?

Matt was car shopping and every once in a while Westin and I would join. Westin LOVED getting in and out of cars. He also loved pretending to drive any chance he got.

We house sat for a couple in our ward for 2 and a half weeks. hey live a bit closer to the beach so Westin and I took some walks down to it.

This picture is from the house we stayed at. Westin always went exploring. Luckily he never got into anything too serious. We really enjoyed house sitting. It was in a fancy neighborhood and a house that our house would fit inside ONE of the rooms. It was fun to be spread out and I really enjoyed having a big kitchen. It lasted just a bit too long.

Mornings consist of 2 or 3 bowls of cheerios and a show on the ipad. The kitchen of the house is in the background.

We were waiting for Dad to come home and this is how Westin smiles now. I actually love it.

When we got back from the house sitting we came home to Grandma and rain. We loved both. Westin loved to golf in the rain, especially when he hit the ball out of a puddle.

Westin got a hair cut from Grandma, he doens't look happy in this picture but he was totally happy watching Mickey Mouse, he even held his ear for her.

Westin Logan and I went back to Arizona with Grandma. I caught Westin folding his arms AFTER the closing prayer. He always does it late and after the amen.

Costco trip, I always get asked if they are twins in public. The double seat in the cart doesn't help.

We pulled out Grandpas train set and Westin was in heaven. It is the perfect size for him and he pushes it in circles for hours.

To get home from Arizona my sister Stacy drove us. We played the whole time. Of course. Went to the beach.

Disneyland, this is on the California adventure side.

This was on some ride that I wanted to throw up on. Westin wouldn't ride it with just Grace, "Mommy do it too"

The Bair cousins. We were all on the Ferris wheel and loving it, while trying not to throw up. This picture perfectly sums up the personality of everyone. Thats Stacy's arm with the pink shirt and she was terrified.

Then we went to a pumpkin patch, we choose the hottest day to go. Both Westin and I were red faced by the end and sweating. Westin kept going for the small pumpkins, I think because he wanted to throw them.

Our pumpkin, Westin loved telling us it was Mickey every time we passed it. Matt did it and I think he did a pretty good job.

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