12 January 2012

Westin's Birthday Party

We had a joint birthday party for Westin with his friend Molly. At least Molly was supposed to be there. The poor girl woke up sick and couldn't come. We almost had to cancel the day because it was raining that morning but luckily it cleared up just in time for the rides.

We were so lucky to have our friends the Sundbergs there to capture the day. Especially since our memory card with ALL  our pictures was lost. You can see all his work HERE. Seriously guys, thank you!

The Birthday Boy! He loved it, all of it. He wasn't even afraid of the crowd which was really awesome. He especially loved the treats, all "Westin friendly". Starting with Popcorn.

The thank you's or goodie bags were circus animals and a train whistle. I think I have finally gotten rid of all the ones we ended up with.

Cupcakes, there were blue frosted ones just not on this plate apparently.

Cotton Candy, I thought Westin would love this stuff since the last time he tried it he did. He wouldn't come near it this time.

Who can resist fresh popcorn!

Dad, with the camera that took all our pictures that I never saw.

These are some of the kids that are Westins age. There are plenty more but I think these guys were killing some time before the next train.

Aunt Alicia, Uncle Scott, and Logan.

The train is the perfect size for a small child. I think everyone had fun.

It was the perfect party for Westin and his friends. If we would have done something revolving around balls I think it would have turned out much differently. I mean a bunch of 2 year olds with golf clubs doesn't work out that great.

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